Indoor and outdoor lighting of a house with lighted poolFor most homeowners, understanding and completing electrical wiring projects is beyond their comfort zone. Not only is it complicated, but it is messy, labour-intensive, and, when done by an unqualified person, a risk to your home’s safety. Understanding load, connections and the differences between 3-wire and 4-wire systems is necessary to do electrical wiring project properly.

Having a certified electrician complete your electrical wiring means you can rest assured that your installation is completed to the highest standards.


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Our qualified electricians can help you analyze possible electrical problems in your home, and determine the actual amount of electricity your home requires for now, and in the foreseeable future. We can also help you identify the most beneficial way to rewire your home, including upgrading your service panel, adding new circuits, running phone and data lines, or helping to remove aluminum wiring or knob and tube wiring, which most insurance companies prefer you deal with before they will insure you. The Nightingale team will then of course do the hard work of running and replacing wires, and making and testing connections.

All our house wiring work is done to code and guaranteed to pass inspections, wether it is a new wiring, replacement, repair or upgrade. And with a fleet of GPS-equipped trucks servicing the entire Lower Mainland, our team of electricians can complete your electrical writing at times convenient to you.

At Nightingale Electrical Service, we promise your complete satisfaction – GUARANTEED! If you are not fully satisfied, let us know, and we’ll make it right, or you don’t pay!

Our electricians can handle any electrical wiring needs in your home, including:

Nightingale Electrical Service also does electrical wiring for indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, ceiling fan installations, and electrical wiring for electrical panels, surge protection, generators, and home appliance installations.

To get a quote for electrical wiring, contact Nightingale Electrical Service at 604 275 1111 or email [email protected].   For an additional 15% savings on all work and other benefits, sign up for the Nightingale Home Electrical Service Plan before work commences.

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