Electrician performing surge protection installationPower surges occur when the flow of electricity is interrupted and then started again, or when something sends electricity back into the system unexpectedly.

Though many homeowners use those inexpensive white bars purchased at the hardware store (also known as power strips) for surge protection, these bars aren’t enough protection for your electronics and devices in the event of a large power surge. In fact, many power strips don’t offer surge protection at all. Only those labelled “surge protection”, “fused strip” or “interrupter switch” offer basic surge protection.


What Causes Power Surges?

There are several reasons why a power surge can occur in your home. External power surges are caused by lightening, trees hitting power lines during storms, and other hydro issues.  Internal home power surges originate inside your home or business, and occur more often than you may think. These low voltage and often repeated surges occur when power-heavy appliances with motors cycle on and off, such as dryers, air conditioners, refrigerators, hot tubs, or furnaces. These power surges cause problems by slowly wearing electrical circuits.


Why Worry about Power Surges?

Certain types of electronics are particularly susceptible to power surges: those with a microprocessor. Microprocessors are found in TVs, home theatre equipment, microwaves, cordless phones, even modern smart dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators.


How Do I Get Wired Surge Protection Installed?

To properly protect the electronics in your home and home-based business from a power surge, invest in a whole home surge protection installation by the certified electricians at Nightingale Electrical Service. We will directly wire surge protection into the main electrical panel, near where power lines enter your home or  building.   We serve Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, North Vancouver, and the entire Lower Mainland.

Surge protection works by the device detecting when a current above the designated level triggers the surge protector to redirect the unwanted or extra electricity into the grounding wire attached to the device. Pricing of surge protection devices is related to the clamping voltage (the designated level when the surge protection or voltage diversion occurs), energy absorption ability (how much electricity the protector can absorb before it fails), and response time (aim for less than one nanosecond to best protect your electronics).

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