Light Installation

Good lighting makes your home feel spacious and welcoming.

There are many decisions to be made when installing or changing residential lighting, including fixtures, bulb style, placement, light quality, brightness, space use, if a dimmer or 3 setting is desired, as well as cost of installation, maintenance and eventual disposal. Proper load management among the other lighting and electrical draws on your house also need to be considered.


Indoor Lighting Installation Services

One of the challenges in deciding about indoor lighting is that there may even be various lighting requirements for the same room.

In kitchens, for example, overhead lighting is a must, as well as focused, bright lighting directly over the stove and workspaces. Many people also like mood lighting in the kitchen, which could require an ambient light source or dimmer switches.

You may also have needs for energy-saving LED lights. Or, you may want to control your lights with the new automation apps available from your smartphone.

Whether you are building a new home and choosing fixtures for every room, updating the look and location of current lighting, taking advantages of some of today’s modern lighting controls, or trying to solve lighting issues during a home renovation, Nightingale Electrical Service handles all of your lighting installations.

Not only can we do the installation and rewiring, but we can also provide advice to help you achieve your lighting goals. Nightingale Electrical Service prides itself on prompt, on-budget services to homeowners across the Lower Mainland. We work well with architects, developers and designers to install lighting and do other electrical and rewiring projects for new and renovated homes.

We also do Custom Electrical Designs for new homes and can advise on home data wiring.

See our full list of residential electrical services.


Security + Outdoor Lighting Installation

Outdoor lighting can add ambiance to any setting as well as improve home safety.

Decorative outdoor lighting is available in many styles for sidewalks, patios pools, decks, porches, lawns, landscaping and more. Outdoor lighting can be used to illuminate pathways, highlight shrubs, or used with motion detectors or timers for home security.

For help installing outdoor lighting or even security lighting in your outdoor space, contact Nightingale Electric. Our certified electricians are experts in upgrading, repairing and installing all types of outdoor and security lighting.

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