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Installing a home generator is a good investment because they will keep your residential power on during a power outage. In fact, improvements in technology over the last decade mean that prices for generators have gone down while their operating capacities have gone up. Having a generator installed means you won’t be at risk for food spoilage, power surges or other issues that can occur in a power outage, such as non-operational sump pumps, lights, air conditioners, and more.

A few things to know about Generator Installations

Home generators are installed outside your house (like an AC unit) and come on automatically in a power outage, whether you’re home or away. They typically run on propane or natural gas, so there’s no refuelling needed. Generators can also be controlled by smart technology, meaning that you can run diagnostics or confirm that the generator is prepared to run if a storm or outage is pending at a vacation property, not near your home.

When considering generator installation, the most common questions from homeowners are:

Home Generator

  • What size generator to get
  • Where it will be located
  • Which brand or type to buy

We can help you choose which generator is right for your site, based on load requirements. Both standby generators (also known as “permanent” generators) and portable generators are rated by their kilowatt (kW) output. To match a generator to the home’s needs, work with your electrician to total up the wattage needs of the appliances you’ll be powered during an outage. Pay attention to the startup wattage of bigger appliances like refrigerators, which typically need more when they start up from being off as compared to their running wattage. You’ll need to make sure your generator has enough power to start up this appliance if it has lost power due to an outage.

Our Generator Installation Services

Nightingale Electrical Service offers a full service which includes: the inspection, installation and maintenance of your electrical generators anywhere across the Lower Mainland. Our electricians are fully trained and have years of experience in all types and sizes of residential generator installations. They are also all certified installers for Kohler brand generators.

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