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With everyone’s preference for high-speed Internet and communications, today’s home renovations often include moving, adding or upgrading phone writing or data wiring. It is important to have a household plan for phones, data and electricity so you and your family don’t suffer the inconvenience and expense of frequent future upgrades, and so you can enjoy the media and communication items you want in multiple rooms at appropriate locations.

Regarding phone and data wiring, consider that any house built in 1990 was not built for data networks. Data networks and Internet simply did not exist for consumers at that time.

If you have needs for new phone connections, new data connections, or either of these items need moving to a new location in your home, let the team of certified electricians at Nightingale Electrical Service plan, install and upgrade your phone and data wiring. By working with the certified professionals at Nightingale Electrical Service, you’ll be sure to have a strategy that will accommodate current and possible future needs in phone and data wiring.

Data Wiring

Questions to consider with phone and data wiring include:

  • How many electrical plugs do you need in each room for the technology you need?
  • How many data outlets?
  • How many TVs will be installed in any given room?
  • Will the Internet be wired or wireless?
  • What if any smart home devices and controls will be needed?
  • What about music systems for music and movie lovers?
  • How big is your home network?

Before work begins, you’ll get a quote upfront.  All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

When the project begins, our experienced service electricians will do the work to highest standards and can schedule downtime to suit your lifestyle or home business hours.  We have a fleet of GPS-equipped service trucks and several electricians all working to provide you with the highest quality of electrical services in a professional, courteous manner.

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