Smoke Detector InstalledMany people don’t realize how exponentially fast a fire in a home will spread.
Having an extra few minutes of warning from a smoke detector can literally save lives.


Where Should I Install Smoke Detectors in my Home?

It is recommended to have smoke alarms (also known as smoke detectors) in every bedroom, in the hallway near every bedroom, at the top of stairwells, near the kitchen, and have at least one on every level of the home. Smoke detectors can also be installed in laundry rooms, furnace rooms, attics, basements and garages – anywhere a fire can start. Because smoke is warm and rises, smoke detectors are placed high up in your home, such as on the ceiling.


What Should I Do if I Need Smoke Detectors Installed?

Smoke detectors are mandatory in modern homes. Smoke detectors should be wired in. Battery backups make them wired smoke detectors very safe and very reliable. Some fully-wired smoke detector systems can notify fire stations in the case of an emergency. If you are also concerned about carbon monoxide, you can install a combination carbon monoxide and smoke detector unit.

The certified electricians at Nightingale Electrical Service are extremely experienced in all aspects of carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm installation, including determining the best places to install them in your home.  Wired smoke detectors are connected to the breaker panel. We can install smoke detectors on their own, or as part of a larger electrical rewiring during a renovation, or as part of a custom electrical design for a new home.

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It is recommended that you install the same brand and model of alarm for all the smoke detectors in your home to ensure they all work together.

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