Electricians performing a home electrical safety inspectionHome electrical safety inspections are typically requested by insurance companies, home buyers, home sellers, or home owners who are concerned about the electrical health of a home. Issues they may be wondering about include aging wiring, knob and tube wiring, aluminum wiring, wiring that may have been chewed by mice or other rodents, wiring incorrectly installed by previous electricians or “do-it-yourself”-ers, or , in the case of a renovation, when adding a new home appliances.

Some home insurance companies require electrical safety inspections be done on a property before they issue home insurance.


We offer Certified Electrical Safety Inspections

Whether you want an inspection done just for your own peace of mind, or for home buying, selling or insurance purposes, Nightingale Electrical Service can provide an Electrical Safety Inspection for your home, anywhere in the Lower Mainland. After the inspection, we will also provide a detailed inspection report for your reference.

During a Nightingale Electrical safety inspection, a certified electrician will look at the connection between your main external power and your home, inspect, test and verify light switch and outlet operating conditions, test the conditions of and calculated load on the electrical panel, inspect  outdoor electrical outlets, shock hazards, grounding systems, and any other areas of your home that may be of concern. The electrician will look in your attic, main floors, basement, garage, and outside.

The most common problems found during electrical home inspections include improperly run wiring (stolen wiring), insufficient branch circuits, too many extension cords, missing smoke detectors, and exposed or damaged wires. Outside, electricians find trees too close to wires (causing stress/obstruction), and issues with drop loop (water must be allowed to drip from a dip in external wires so water doesn’t drip into the house or cause rust at the service panel.

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