Electric Vehicle (EV) Installation and Service

Over the past few decades, Electric Vehicles have gained popularity due to the environmental impact of the petroleum-based transportation infrastructure and the high cost of gas.

Apart from the environmental benefits of EV’s, charging with electricity is not only cleaner, it’s a lot less expensive. The Province of B.C has funding incentives for charging stations at homes, condos and workplaces.

Our team of Service Technicians are trained and experienced in installing electric charging stations in residential homes and commercial properties.


Why use Nightingale’s Service Team to Install your EV Charger?

  • Confidence. Our highly trained staff handling your EV Charger Installation allows you the confidence that the installation will be done right to the proper specifications.
  • Expert Advice. Our Electrical Service team has seen it all! We can offer invaluable advice regarding your EV installation to extend the life of your charger.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We promise your complete satisfaction – GUARANTEED! Not satisfied? Let us know, and we’ll make it right or you don’t pay!
  • BYOC or purchase through us. We can provide you with your desired EV Charger or you can take advantage of our strategic partnerships to purchase it yourself.

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