Kitchen with all electrical home appliances installed.Getting new home appliances – such as refrigerators, ovens, washers, driers, or built-in espresso machines — can be a boost your home’s aesthetics as well as to your quality of life. Having up-to-date appliances with modern features and that work well can really add enjoyment to, or at least remove some aggravation from, day to day tasks.


A few reasons to have your Home Appliance Installation done by experts

However, most people don’t have the time, interest or training to take care of their home appliance installation themselves. New appliances require far more electricity than appliances of past decades. If not accommodated for properly, a new large screen TV can draw so much electricity when it turns on that the lights in a house dim momentarily when the TV comes on.  Dishwashers, espresso machines and some fridges require complicated electrical connections and installations because of the mix of plumbing (water) and electricity. Microwaves must be on their own circuit because they draw so much electricity.

Most homeowners don’t have the electrical know-how to install a complicated household electrical appliance correctly, or be aware and take action on of the changes and upgrades necessary if the new appliance has specific electrical requirements or results in the household load exceeding the power properly supplied by the electrical panel.


Our Home Appliance Installation services

With a minimum of fuss and for a reasonable cost, our professionally trained home appliance installation electricians can install your appliances as well as add to branch circuits or perform any necessary electrical panel upgrades required for your home.

So go ahead and choose a new sub-zero wine refrigerator, a new cook top, stacking washer/dryer in candy apple red or whatever your heart desires. Nightingale Electrical Service can be on hand to handle the electrical upgrades and home appliance installations, leaving you to enjoy your new appliance.

Before work begins, you’ll get a quote upfront.  All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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